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Re: The Community- Negativity Irc chat +more

Postby huey » Sat Oct 10, 2015 4:06 pm

Surak wrote:
huey wrote:
rodeje25 wrote:It looks good but keep the blog and the IRC.

I agree with keeping the blog, but why the IRC ? No ones every on it.

There is more than enough conversation in the IRC channel. Just not constant conversation, because of different time zones, actual life and stuff like that. If you write something interesting most of the time people will answer after minutes to hours. If you just write "hi, what's going on?" or something mundane like that most people will just ignore it, because a lot of us are in dozens of channels. It would take a lot of time to read everything or worse, reply to everything. The IRC client is in the background most of the time and sometimes we glimpse at it to see if something interesting was said 8) That's how IRC works.

Fair point :)
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